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Buttock augmentation is an aesthetic procedure, in which the buttocks are reshaped to achieve a rounder and firmer appearance. At our hospital, Apex Clinic, specialist surgeons perform the buttock augmentation procedure, which has rapidly increased in recent years, using two methods.

In the first method, the buttocks are resculpted using the patient’s own body fat. In the second method, the buttocks are enhanced using silicone buttock implants.

People who have aesthetic problems such as sagging, loosening or flattening of the buttocks area due to ageing or weight loss and who do not have any health problems are suitable candidates for buttock augmentation.

The patient should lie face down for 1 month after surgery and should sit sideways, not on their buttocks.

If silicone buttock implants are used during the buttock augmentation procedure, small plastic tubes called drains are inserted to ensure that the fluids that accumulate in the area are discharged after surgery. Drains are removed in 3 to 5 days. For the newly sculpted buttocks to maintain their appearance, the patients should wear a special garment for several weeks, as recommended by the doctor. The swelling in the region will subside and the final shape of the buttocks will become apparent within 3 to 6 months.

Buttock augmentation surgery performed at our hospital takes about 2 to 3 hours under general anesthesia. The patient is discharged the following day.