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The hair collected by this method is planted directly to the region. With the so-called I DHI Pen alet, this method is used when no duct is required. The hair is placed in pens and planted directly in the target area. In this method, since the channels are formed in the size of the graft, there are fewer transplant scars and less bleeding.

Hair transplantation is done gradually in this method. The stages of DHI are as follows:

Picking: At this stage, the scalp with a diameter of less than 1 diameter is removed and collected with a special tool called “micro motor”. It does not leave any scars and the collected hair is ready for immediate transplantation.

Arrangement: The hair is placed in pens that contain channels suitable for the length of the hair.

Hair Transplantation: The hairs inside the pens are applied directly to the bald area, creating channels that allow all hair to be transplanted at the same time. Hair is easily transferred according to the angle and depth in the region.

What are the advantages of DHI?
A special pen is used to fully control the angle, depth and direction of the implanted follicle. This creates a completely natural hairline and appearance. The pens are for single use only.