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The reason for ageing and aesthetic flaws in the lower facial region is the fact that we cannot fight the force of gravity, the leading cause of other types of ageing. The reason for deformation and sagging in the lower facial area consisting of the lower cheeks, bottom of the jaw and neck (jowls); deformation of the oval of the chin; the face gaining a square or rectangular shape; and deep wrinkles from the corners of the mouth is the accumulation of skin at the bottom of the jaw with ageing.

The aim of lower facelift surgery performed by removing skin from the face and neck with an incision starting from the front of the ear and extending to the scalp is to refine the neck and highlight the jawline, with only liposuction in young patients with good skin elasticity.  While the jawline and edges of the jaw are highlighted by filling with extracted fat, neck banding is performed, in which the skin in the neck is pulled like a hammock with special sutures inserted through small incisions made under the ears following liposuction in the neck in patients with moderate skin elasticity.

At our hospital, lower facelift surgery is performed in patients aged 40 and above under general anesthesia and lasts 2 to 3 hours. Patients should stop using blood thinners and smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery.

Although the lower facelift procedure performed at our hospital, Apex Clinic, cannot stop the ageing process, the results of this procedure are permanent. Lower facelift procedures performed with liposuction and neck banding techniques take approximately 30 minutes.

Bruising and swelling may occur after lower face and neck lifting surgery. The swelling and bruising subside within 1 week, but may take up to 20 days to completely pass. The patient will be discharged from our hospital one day after the operation and sutures will be removed six days later. The patient can shower 2 days after surgery. Healing is faster with neck liposuction and banding procedures. However, the bandage applied to the neck should stay on for 3 days. The patient should massage the neck for 2 months.

After lower facelift and neck lift surgery, the stretched area of the face should be protected from physical factors and the patient should regularly take painkillers. The patient should choose clothes that can be worn without contacting the face to protect the face. Smoking must be avoided for at least 1 month after surgery.