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With six-pack surgery performed by specialist surgeons at our hospital, Apex Clinic, men can have a fit, athletic and muscular body; a modern and healthy physical appearance; wide and muscular shoulders, muscular arms, a lean abdomen and visible abdominal muscles.

In muscle etching, the chest, back, arms, legs, abdomen and waist are the areas that can be operated on, the most common of which is the abdomen. With muscle etching, the waist can also be sculpted and abdominal muscle definition can be achieved. Defining shoulder, arm, chest and abdominal muscles to gain a more athletic appearance, particularly in men, is possible with muscle etching surgery performed by specialist surgeons at our hospital, Apex Clinic. The most common area for muscle etching is the abdomen, which is known as a six-pack in men and two-pack in women.

In the operation, performed under general anesthesia at our hospital with small surgical incisions of 4-5 mm in length corresponding to the body’s curves, the adipose tissue in the areas where the abdominal muscles are curved is preserved or enhanced with fat fillers, and the adipose tissue in the areas corresponding with muscle indentures can be removed with liposuction to gain an appearance of six-pack abs. The six-pack operation performed by specialist surgeons at our hospital takes approximately 1.5 hours and the patient should wear a special garment for at least 1 month.

At our hospital, Apex Clinic, abdominal etching may be performed on young and middle-aged men and women who wish to have an athletic and muscular appearance, do not suffer from obesity, have localized fat deposits, have difficulty building up muscle and making it visible and want to have a muscular body in a short period of time by our specialist surgeons.