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With Gastrectomy Sleeve Surgery that you will perform in Turkey, you will lose 70-80% of your excess weight within 2 years.

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At Apex Clinic each patient admitted to our center undergoes a thorough examination of the underlying causes of obesity, eating habits, psychological problems, and health status. As a result of the comprehensive evaluations made according to these reviews, the appropriate treatment program is determined for the patient.

Gastric bypass is a weight loss surgery in which the size of the stomach is reduced. It allows the patient to feel full faster and consume less food.

Mini Gastric Bypass is a surgery that is performed with a completely closed method and allows both the reduction of the stomach volume and the separation of a part of the small intestine from the absorption function. In addition, the Mini Gastric Bypass procedure is a very comfortable method for the recovery process.

Gastric Sleeve is a very common weight loss surgery. It involves reducing the size of the stomach by removing the larger portion. This surgery makes the patient feel fuller with much less food intake. As sleeve gastrectomy is an irreversible procedure, it is very important to consult reputable clinics and make sure it is the right procedure for your problems. 

Diabetic Bypass Diabetic Bypass, also known as Metabolic Surgery, is an innovative and life-changing treatment for patients with diabetes. Simplistically, it is a gastric operation that treats the symptoms of diabetes. At Apex Clinic, we've changed the lives of many diabetic patients thanks to this treatment.


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